Global Expansion

We Can Guide Your Business To Foreign Markets

AA International Law (“AAI”) helps Australian companies expand into global markets. Our services help clients to plan, establish, manage, and expand their international operations.

The Proposition

Australian businesses often adopt an unsophisticated approach to international markets. Most of the country’s exports consist of big-ticket natural resources that are shipped directly to foreign markets where value-added processing takes place. Companies with non-commodity products rely on simply fulfilling orders from Australia. Occasionally, a local agent may be appointed to provide foreign in-market support. 

This long-distance approach means that the full potential of Australian products is rarely fulfilled. The result is lower profits due to lost sales and higher costs resulting from an inability to find economies of scale in the small Australian market. In the long term, the business itself may be at risk to competitors that are more willing to commit resources to a local presence in key markets.

Our Global Expansion Services

AAI’s focus is on assisting Australian companies that wish to move beyond a pure export model and establish a presence in foreign markets. This presence may be as simple as taking advantage of an Australian double tax treaty (DTA) to establish a representative / liaison office all the way through to the establishment of a fully-fledged foreign subsidiary.

Our focus is in three areas:

  • Commercial: Commercial objectives drive decisions and our work with clients always starts with obtaining a deep understanding of the client’s commercial goals.
  • Structuring: This involves considering what type of foreign entity to establish and the ramifications of each alternative. This includes consideration of options such as representative offices, branches of Australian companies, and subsidiaries. The effect of international tax treaties also needs to be considered.
  • Compliance: Compliance in areas such as tax, accounting, payroll, and HR are key to the rollout of a successful foreign operation. AAI maintains relationships with compliance providers in key markets.

Multidisciplinary Approach

Experience tells us that success requires a multi-disciplinary approach. This often means working with your existing Australian accountants and tax advisors and coordinating with legal and accounting professionals in the target foreign market.

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