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AA International Law’s Japan Consulting Practice

AA International Law (“AAI”) has one of the most comprehensive and experienced Japan consulting practices in Australia. Our key services include Japan entity establishment, ongoing compliance services, PEO / employer of record services, employee benefits / HR, pre-employment background checks, and visa / immigration assistance.

AAI maintains a fully owned consulting entity in Tokyo, and we have more than 20 Years’ experience working with qualified Japanese accountants and visa / immigration specialists to provide one-stop assistance to our clients. AAI’s professionals typically spend several months each year in Japan.

Core Japan Consulting Services

Our Tokyo based consulting organization, allows us to offer a wide range of solutions including:

Establishment of an Entity in Japan
Key aspects of our Japan entity establishment service include:

  • Consulting regarding an appropriate Japan entity: Typical options would include a subsidiary of an Australian company, a branch of an Australian company, or a Representative / Liaison office of an Australian company. This article provides additional information about Choosing a Business Entity in Japan.
  • Entity establishment: Once a decision has been made to establish a Japan entity, our Tokyo based team is able to assist with the actual establishment.
  • Guidance regarding an appropriate tax structure for the Japan business: We can assist clients decide between utilizing a limited activities “cost-plus” structure (where sales continue to be recognized in Australia) versus a full scope “buy-sell” operation. This article discusses Selecting a Tax Structure For a Japan Entity.

Ongoing Compliance Assistance

Our Tokyo based team can assist with ongoing financial and tax compliance requirements for a Japan entity including tax, accounting, and payroll services.

This Japan Corporate Tax Calendar shows some of the key corporate tax deadlines for a Japan entity.

Japan PEO / Employer of Record Services

PEO / Employer of Record style services allow an employer to “house” local employees where the client does not have an entity in Japan.

We have provided advice to some of the world’s largest organizations regarding the unique issues surrounding the use of PEO / Employer of Record style structures in Japan – in particular, the permanent establishment (“PE”) risks associated with PEO style structures.

This article provides additional information regarding Japan PEO / Employer of Record Services.

Japan Employee Benefits, Payroll, and HR Services

When a foreign company wishes to have employees in Japan there are several issues that commonly arise:

  • Compensation planning for foreign employees who will work in Japan. (This article provides information about Compensation / Tax Planning Opportunities for Foreigners in Japan.)
  • Payroll issues for both local and foreign employees working in Japan. (This article provides an overview of Japan Payroll.)
  • Planning issues surrounding the compensation of directors of Japanese companies. (This article discusses Director Compensation in Japan.)

Japan Background Checks

AAI is able to assist in obtaining pre-employment background checks on potential Japan hires. This article discusses some of the issues associated with Japan Background Checks.

Japan Visa Services

Qualified Japanese immigration attorneys (“gyoseishoshi”) are able to assist with a wide range of visas for employees of Australia companies requiring visas to live and work in Japan.

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